Strawberry – Herbaleyes


So this is a for review from the guys over at @herbaleyes_uk their new Strawberry strain. I have to say a massive thank you for the care package I’m very humbled by it and can’t thank you enough.

Strain: strawberry

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*** looks and smell***

The pic speaks for its self this bud is very dense. Covered in deep orange shoots an its covered in trichomes all over that are a beautiful thing to look at. The smell on this out the jar was ok I was like umm this ain’t that fruity at all. But soon as it hits the grinder god dam the sweet pungent smell burst my nose to bits. I mean this has got that strawberry Field kind of smell to it with a hazy back end. The bud is sticky yet dry and is packed full of resin.


The effects from this are very relaxing. The aches of the day’s graft have drifted away with every single toke. I’ve just melted in to my chair it’s just what’s needed after a hard day’s graft. This is a energetic kind of strain not to heavy. Just a heavenly floating feeling across the room. Then sinking in to the sofa but still very alert but very relaxed.

***Flavour ***

Flavour from this is a great fruity hazy kind of earthy with a peppery back end. But the fruitiness the is there start to finish and lingers on the taste buds none the less. It’s definitely a great tasting bud. I’ve tried a different strawberry strain an this kicks ass over the other one I tried from a different supplier.


This is overall a bud packed of goodness. Great flavour to top it off an the smell once it hits the grinder are spot on. This is a great all day strain an would be great as a wake an bake or like me just to unwind after a hard day. I’m sure if your a fruity haze lover then this will tick all the boxes