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Mona Lisa 510

First off many thanks to the improved health team for the new Mona Lisa vape cart guys it’s always appreciated. Do check them out drop them a follow of you haven’t already.

Discount code: cbdcronicles15

*** Device***

This cart has a stainless 510 thread and a nice black ceramic mouth peace. It’s easy to screw on to your desired battery or mod of choice. The vapour production is pretty impressive from the cart and air flow is a nice restrictive pull. The liquid inside the cart is a beautiful honey like colour that is really thick. It takes ages for the bubble to move and to me that says it’s not been cut like some oils to make the product stretch more.


The effects on this one for me are very relaxing. My body to start with was hit with a real nice warm sensation that had me sitting in total bliss. I would say this one is a great day time strain to start with but then you are like me and keep puffing away you soon forget about any aches and pains. It helped me settle down after a long day on the go that’s for sure.

***Flavour ***

Well this one reminds me of a different profile cart I’ve had in the past. It’s got a rich pine profile that is some what spicy. It hits the back of the throat and for me it’s not to much of an issue but if you have a sensitive throat you might find it a bit much like my wife does. It has a sweet inhale that is some what zesty but then followed by that dank rich pine profile. This one climbs to the pallet for a while and for me is a very unique profile. It’s rich in spice yet sweet an mellow. But over all a great flavour profile.

***Conclusion*** 9/10

Massive thanks to the improved health team for the support as always. This Mona Lisa is a winner and a all round fantastic product. This is worth a look guys if your in to your carts.