GG4 – CBD Extracts UK

First off here is the new GG4 shatter from the team over at CBD Extracts UK. Massive thanks as always for the support you guys have given me, it’s always appreciated and I can’t thank you enough. Check out cbd extracts uk website for some fantastic deals on their range of products and some amazing deals at the moment

Strain: GG4

shatter Strength: 60% cbd

*** looks and smell***

Well the looks on this new shatter is a pure golden honey like consistency due to the heatwave we are having an it sitting in the postal van on the rounds (to be expected really It’s 35c outside) an god only knows what it’s like in the back of the van. So this extract unfortunately has lost its shape an turned to its former state of a runny extract. I popped it in the fridge for a few hours to cool it down and try to harden it back up. It’s not like a slab of shatter now but more like a sticky honey. I don’t mind that as just scoop some up put it straight in the puffco vision for a blast. The aroma I’m getting is a piney earthy aroma. Very mellow not over powering at all.


With this an hitting the vision a few times I’m on a total relaxation vibe. I can feel it in my eyes from the get go. It leads in to a full body melt on the sofa. Definitely a great way to unwind in the evening and can see this one getting me some well needed sleep. This has helped me with forgetting about the strains an stresses of the day, such a pleasant ride with this one.

***Flavour ***

This tastes just like it smells you get a pine inhale that is soon followed by a early exhale. The profile tastes great not too over powering not harsh on the throat. A clean tasting extract all the way to the end.


Effects are right up there for me with this one. A great evening strain as most of the gg4 strains I’ve had in the past. Great job guys another killer product brought to market. Thank you once again and can’t wait for the next instalment