L’Orange – CBD Extracts UK


Well here we go with my L’Orange review. As always I have got to say a massive thankyou to the team over at CBD Extracts UK. These guys are stepping it up a level with this new cbd badder they have bought to market. The cbd market in the UK has been missing something like this product and now its been filled with the all new CBD Badder range from CBD extracts UK. I was lucky enough to get my hands on some of this long before general release to the public. That to me is an honour and having tried this long before it came out I can only say you guys out here are in for a treat when it comes to quality dabbing products.

Don’t forget to check them out guys and grab some if you are looking for the next level cbd extract


Strain: L’Orange

Strength: 1g/ 70% CBD

*** looks and smell***

Just look at this new extract its a beautiful orange/yellow looking extract. This looks solid when it arrives but once you give it a little whisk up in the pot you are left with a semi solid extract that is super soft that holds shape so easy to work with. This is a juicy extract that is a real slushy type consistency. It doesn’t run off the dab tool it holds and come off nice and easy. As for the aroma for me I’m getting a light zest with a earthy back end to it like the smells of a orange tree. This is not overly zesty like an orange would be its mellow aroma works so well.

L'Orange Badder


This one for me is a super chill out vibe. Its not over powering at all but it does leave you feeling really relaxed, focused and ready for the day. It has helped me sleep so much better when hitting the it in the dynavap before bed. When I’ve hit this in my rig the first hit was intense the warm waves running over my face. Defiantly left me feeling like a champion so relaxed. This is a great extract if you are looking to get levels and well balanced hits of high quality cbd extracts.

***Flavour ***

Flavour in the dynavap is a real sweet inhale that does give me a orange zest like profile. The exhale is a fresh earthy fruity like profile that just leaves you wanting more. Not harsh in anyway, super moreish. This profile works so well and every part of the profile from start to finish works and complements each other in every way.


This is one for all the dabbers looking to get their fix from a high quality cbd product. I can not get over how good this one is. I highly recommend this extract and to date is my favourite type of extract. Badder is the way forward for me and will def mix nice into thc to get them levels just right as so many do like to mix thc an cbd. Once again thank you to the team over at CBD Extracts UK for the hook up of this L’Orange. Its always appreciated the support you give me and I always look forward to the next instalment.