OG Kush Badder – CBD Extracts UK

og kush badder

Here we have the new OG Kush Badder from the team over at CBD Extracts Uk. Once again I haver to give a massive thankyou to them for the hook up as always. I had the honour of reviewing this before its release and omg this is another kill extract just like the L’Orange.

Don’t forget to check them out guys and grab some if you are looking for the next level cbd extract


Strain: OG Kush

Strength: 1g/ 70% CBD Badder

*** looks and smell***

Just look at this new extract its a beautiful orange/yellow looking extract just like the L’ Orange. This looks solid when it arrives but once you give it a little whisk up in the pot you are left with a semi solid extract that is super soft that holds shape so easy to work with. This is a juicy extract that is a real slushy type consistency. It doesn’t run off the dab tool it holds and come off nice and easy. The aroma on this one is a musky dank Kush profile that is kind of woody on the backend. Its a full on nose explosion of Kushy goodness that is mellow yet full-on.


With this one it is a more pf an evening strain for me. It has left me ready for sleep. My body is feeling this one all over the sofa is calling me. My back pain has eased ten fold and the stress has melted away from the days strain.

***Flavour ***

This tastes just like it smells a deep dank woody musk on the exhale yet a little sweet on the inhale. Its a real taste bud pleaser for me that defiantly has me wanting more. A real nice profile indeed.


Another great profile and high quality extract from the team over at Cbd extracts uk. You need to check this one out an get them levels up right where you want them to be. Massive thank you as always guys an remember to check them out