White Widow – Hemp & Herb

As always a massive thank you to the hemp and her team for reaching out to me and proving another fantastic strain of theirs White Widow. Oh my gosh does this look and smell the partRemember to check them out and save a extra 15% off your orders.


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Strain: White Widow

Strength: ~20%

*** looks and smell***

Yet again here we have another fine example of what a high quality flower should look like from Hemp & Herb. This is completely coated in trichomes. It looks like its been dusted with icing sugar. Its a fine example for sure and its to be expected from Hemp and herb. These guys have always provided me with some exceptional flowers. The trim and cure are spot on yet again. When it comes to the aroma I’m getting a sweet earthy aroma that is quite pungent. It has that earthy skunk pungent aroma that is followed buy a sweet floral spiciness. Such a great looking and smelling flower


This one for me is great for an evening unwind. I must say I’m feeling at one with my self at the moment and this has helped me come down off my high hot headed stool today. At first, I thought, “This isn’t helping me at all.” But as time has passed, I’m pleased it did what I needed it to accomplish, and helping me settle down is essential when I’m stressed out like I’ve been lately.

***Flavour ***

In terms of flavour, the dynavap hits me with a fresh earth inhale followed by a sweet skunky exhale. It clings to the pallet and lips. It takes me back to to my happy place. I must say that the dynavap brings out all the notes in the profile and for sure.


Another fantastic strain for me, the flavour and effects are just what I seek for in a flower, even if it took a lot longer to kick in today, hence the 8.5. However, this is another another excellent example of a high-quality CBD flower from the hemp and herb team. Well done, guys.