Gelato – The CBD Flower shop


I got to say a huge thanks for the team over at the cbd flower shop for approaching me once again wanting me to review a new strain for them their Gelato. It’s deeply appreciated and this company was where my journey began and I just love how far they have come and continue to grow. Go check them out people

Strain: Gelato

Strength: 8.9% cbd

*** looks and smell***

Yet again the team over at The cbd flower shop have bought another great looking flower to market with this new Gelato. This flower has a mix of light and dark greens with an abundance of sweet trichomes. This flower just shines in the light and on closer inspection you find a lot of very light brown/orange pistols. The trim and cure are always spot on from these guys and that speaks volumes on the care that’s gone in to this flower. The aroma from this is a very sweet pungent dank aroma that has me itching to get stuck. I mean this smells so good an if you didn’t know it was cbd you’d think it was its thc counter part it smells that good.


This one for me is a heavy hitter. Straight to the eyes this one went, proper heavy eyes and body to match. Being 8.9% this hits miles harder than some so called 20%+ flowers out there. I Can not get over the power of this flower and the way it hits. Straight up K.O for me. The wife woke me up and sent me to bed and I slept like a log for a solid 10 hours and for me that is not something I do very often at all. After a few days use this is a great mood lifter for me an helps me relax after long days at work an the stress of life.

***Flavour ***

Flavour on this one is a strong Hempy flavour that has a sweet berry exhale. It’s a nice tasting flower that pretty much taste like it smells. Sweet and very moreish and super dank. It’s light inhale is so smooth in the dynavap that is soon followed by the dank Hempy earthy profile. This one’s a winner for me.


Yet again the cbd flower shop bringing the fire products to market. This is a great mood lifter for me a very nice flower for sure an I’m loving this one. It’s a must try that’s for sure. Thank you so much guys can not wait for the next instalment.