New Gorilla Glue – Hemp & Herb

new gorilla glue

As always a massive thank you to the hemp and herb team for reaching out to me and proving another fantastic strain their New Gorilla glue. This one looks and smells great and I can’t wait to get on this one. Remember to check them out and save a extra 15% off your orders.

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Strain: Gorilla Glue

Strength: ~17%

*** looks and smell***

Here we have a strong sweet smelling flower. This has a real earthy dank smell to it that has a fruity undertone that is some what a sharp zest. It’s aroma is pungent and soon as it hits the grinder it intensifies. The looks on this are great it’s mix of pale greens and plenty of burnt orange pistols that are almost brown are a thing of beauty. This shimmers in the light with its extensive trichome coverage.

new gorilla glue
new gorilla glue


For me this is a nice relaxing vibe to it. It has helped me get my level of zen back. It’s not overly heavy on the body but it’s definitely kept me calm and bought me back to earth. I must say I slept pretty good last night so that is a plus too. These guys never fail to impress me with every delivery yet another top quality strain.

***Flavour ***

The flavours I’m getting are a deep dank Hempy/earthy inhale that has a sour sweet exhale. Very nice on the pallet and definitely moreish. The taste is very unique and I can not get enough of it.


As always hemp and herb producing some amazing looking and tasting flower with the effects to match. This is a great all round strain for me an one of the nicest gorilla glue strains I’ve had to date. Well done guys and can’t wait for the next instalment.