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Kali Mist

As always, a massive thank you to the team over at paradise cbd for the latest box of goodies to review including their new KALI Mist strain. Remember to check them out and save an extra 15% off your orders.


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Strain: KALI mist

Strength: ~31.1%

*** looks and smell***

Well, the looks on this one for me is not the most eye catching out the package. This is very dark looking with a yellowish golden hue to it. It’s very dry to a touch to (not that I don’t like that as a quick rehydrate does the job for me). It’s absolutely jam packed with trichomes and when I put it in the light box what a transformation in colour that extra light brings out the mix of greens with those yellowish golden hues all over the place. As for aroma I’m getting a pungent spicy smell that has somewhat of a sweet back end. It’s very floral upfront but that sweet spice overpowers the nose.


Being very dry I hit this with a low temp hit to bring out the terps on this. It is that of a sweet hemp profile that has a little spice to it. I hit it on a high temp hit to start with an it was just to much so this one definitely does better on a low temp setting for me as I don’t combust my herbs at all.

***effects ***

Well this one has left me feeling at ease with my self an I slept really well. It is not in your face with effects but it seems to do the job for me. It’s a nice way of relaxing for me after a stressful day


Well, this is a nice flower for me but the looks on this are not quite up there for me but never judge a bud by the looks of it. It does its job and that’s what matters to me. End of the day it all gets ground up an end up in the same pot after. A nice addition to the line-up but if you’re looking for a nice chilled one this is the one for you. Massive thanks guys can’t wait for the next instalment

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60% full spectrum Distillate – CBD Extracts UK

As always, I can’t thank the cbd extracts freak enough for the continued support and I thank you for sending out this 60% full spectrum cbd distillate out for me to sample. I’ve had this a while and didn’t have a spare cart to put some in.

Strain: Distillate
Strength: 60% full spectrum

*** looks and smell***

The packing on this is great a nice clean looking design with an easy-to-use Syringe. It’s filled with a clean amber looking liquid that is super thick and the easiest way to work with it is put the syringe in a zip lock bag in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes as this heat’s it up and makes light working filling the cart up. As for smell it’s an earthy Hempy smell


This for me has been great it has a real level feel to it. I must say I’ve been super stressed as of late. This one for me has helped me come back down to having a much clearer level head. This one is a little heavy to start with but soon mellows off just leaving that warm glow back in my face. My body and mind have settled tenfold. Such a nice feel to this product.

***Flavour ***

This is a smooth earthy hale that has a slight peppery aftertaste. It’s clean and smooth on the pallet and throat.


Overall, I really do like this Distillate a lot. It’s not full of terps that make it taste funky like some vapes I’ve had. This can be added to a wide range of things like honey, hot drinks even baking plus so much more. Could even spread some on toast. This is a very versatile product that is a much try. Thanks again guys and well done cannot wait for the next instalment

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Champagne – CBDExtractsUK

Massive thanks as always for the support you guys have given me and this new champagne Smells an looks great. It’s always appreciated and I can’t thank you enough.
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Strain: Champagne
Strength: 80% cbd

*** looks and smell***

Well this is a great looking extract. It’s a nice pale yellow colour. Soon as it hit the light box the yellow just pops. The extract is very well formed and very solid. It is easy to work with and breaks up quite nicely. As for smell has a earthy aroma to it. Like a real strong hash with a kush dank undertone


With the effects from this it has left me feeling chilled. Nothing major body wise. I am feeling a little more focused but nice an relaxed. Only problem for me is that’s I’ve had your badder and that for me is next level cbd an hard to compete with. But this is still a nice extract.

***Flavour ***

This taste just like it smells. A real earthy hash profile with that formidable kush aftertaste. With a mild spice in the mix makes it for a real old skool flavour profile.


Well this is a nice tasting extract that helped chill me out. So did what I needed it to do. Do check it out for the price tag as it’s very competitively priced as always with CBD Extracts UK. Well done guys can’t wait for the next instalment

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OG Brown – CBD Extracts UK

Got to give a massive thank you to the team over at cbd extracts uk for sending this one out for me to sample their OG Brown hash. It’s always a pleasure reviewing for you an service and communication is always great.

Strain: OG Brown
Strength: 30% cbd

*** looks and smell***

This is one deep smelling hash. It’s got that raw old skool hash smell to it that is deep and rich. It’s earthy and has a spicy backend with a mix of pine. The looks on this are great. It’s a mix of light an dark browns that crumbles so easy with out the use of a lighter.


For me this is a nice way to chill, loaded up the dynavap and his with 2 heat cycles and my body is feeling relaxed. This is a heady one for me my eyes are feeling the strain. Such a nice feel to this one. Can’t wait to go back for some more.

***Flavour ***

A true old skool kind of feel to this one. On the inhale you get a rich pine with a deep dark pine on the exhale you are hit with that earthy spice that is some what creamy. This is a great tasting hash if you miss the old days of before hash became few and far between. A real tasty hash this one great job guys.

***Conclusion*** 8/10

Another great product bought to market and if your in to your hashes this one will definitely get the juices flowing for sure. So keep a eye open for this one dropping soon.