OG Brown – CBD Extracts UK

Got to give a massive thank you to the team over at cbd extracts uk for sending this one out for me to sample their OG Brown hash. It’s always a pleasure reviewing for you an service and communication is always great.


Strain: OG Brown
Strength: 30% cbd

*** looks and smell***

This is one deep smelling hash. It’s got that raw old skool hash smell to it that is deep and rich. It’s earthy and has a spicy backend with a mix of pine. The looks on this are great. It’s a mix of light an dark browns that crumbles so easy with out the use of a lighter.


For me this is a nice way to chill, loaded up the dynavap and his with 2 heat cycles and my body is feeling relaxed. This is a heady one for me my eyes are feeling the strain. Such a nice feel to this one. Can’t wait to go back for some more.

***Flavour ***

A true old skool kind of feel to this one. On the inhale you get a rich pine with a deep dark pine on the exhale you are hit with that earthy spice that is some what creamy. This is a great tasting hash if you miss the old days of before hash became few and far between. A real tasty hash this one great job guys.

***Conclusion*** 8/10

Another great product bought to market and if your in to your hashes this one will definitely get the juices flowing for sure. So keep a eye open for this one dropping soon.