60% full spectrum Distillate – CBD Extracts UK

As always, I can’t thank the cbd extracts freak enough for the continued support and I thank you for sending out this 60% full spectrum cbd distillate out for me to sample. I’ve had this a while and didn’t have a spare cart to put some in.


Strain: Distillate
Strength: 60% full spectrum

*** looks and smell***

The packing on this is great a nice clean looking design with an easy-to-use Syringe. It’s filled with a clean amber looking liquid that is super thick and the easiest way to work with it is put the syringe in a zip lock bag in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes as this heat’s it up and makes light working filling the cart up. As for smell it’s an earthy Hempy smell


This for me has been great it has a real level feel to it. I must say I’ve been super stressed as of late. This one for me has helped me come back down to having a much clearer level head. This one is a little heavy to start with but soon mellows off just leaving that warm glow back in my face. My body and mind have settled tenfold. Such a nice feel to this product.

***Flavour ***

This is a smooth earthy hale that has a slight peppery aftertaste. It’s clean and smooth on the pallet and throat.


Overall, I really do like this Distillate a lot. It’s not full of terps that make it taste funky like some vapes I’ve had. This can be added to a wide range of things like honey, hot drinks even baking plus so much more. Could even spread some on toast. This is a very versatile product that is a much try. Thanks again guys and well done cannot wait for the next instalment