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Platinum Kush OG – Hemp & Herb

platinum kush og

First off thank you to the hemp and herb team for yet another killer care pack. This new platinum kush og is one fine looking flower. The continued support is always appreciated, and I have enjoyed every product to date.


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Strain: platinum kush og

Strength: ~18%

*** looks and smell***

Just look at this flower it’s a thing of beauty. Covered in trichomes and a stunning mix of greens with a few beautiful deep orange pistols chucked in for good measure. The cure on this is second to none. A high quality grown flower. As for aroma I’m getting a sweet skunky profile with that deep kush aroma. A real nose pleaser for me an a stunning bit of eye candy.


For me this is not a heavy hitting effect more of a level mellow feel to it, a real nice relaxing feel that has left me calm and collected, this is a real nice mellow one and a great way to start the day or end it in my case.

***Flavour ***

This has a distinct hempy/skunky inhale and a kind of sweet, citrusy exhale. It has a nice, rounded, smooth shape that makes you desire more. It really works well the profile on this one for sure. A real nice tasting strain.


Yet again Hemp and herb bring another top-quality product to market, you guys need to check these out and sample some of their many quality strains. Thanks a lot guys keep up the good work and can’t wait for the next instalment

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Bath crumble – Paradise cbd

paradise cbd bath crumble

PARADISECBD bath crumble with the standard sausage shot all the birds do in the bath. As always, a huge thank you to the team over at paradise for the new care package and adding this cbd bath crumble in for me to sample. Save 15% WITH CODE cbdcronicles15


Well, this crumble smells absolutely amazing and on their website, it says like the men’s fragrance “creed” An it does smell like it and the wife loves this smell so me smelling a million dollars always goes down a treat. As for a relaxing bath it ticks all the boxes, I had a piping hot bath that has left me very chilled and my skin feeling very smooth and my body super relaxed.

I have got to say it’s very nice touch to anyone’s bath time routine. I love my bubble bath and bath salts, and this is probably my favourite smelling bath crumble to date.

If you’re looking for a relaxing bath, then add some of this to it and just soak the days strains and stresses away. Great product guys as always and many thanks.

Cannot wait for the next instalment.

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Pineapple – Paradise cbd

pineapple paradise cbd

As I always do let’s start off by saying a massive thank you for the continued support as always to the team over at paradise cbd and for sending out this Pineapple. Service has always been spot on for me an always a pleasure working and dealing with you guys.


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Find all my reviews on my website: www.cbdcronicles.co.uk

Strain: Pineapple (batch 04.05.22)

Area Of Origin: Tuscany
CBD Content: 26.6%
Total Cannabinoids: 27.9%

*** looks and smell***

This one smell great it’s got a fruity aroma to it that has a dank backend. It’s got the smell of a pineapple before you cut it open. A earthy almost sour smell to it. It’s a real nose pleaser for me and once in the grinder that aroma takes on a full on sweet sour earthy hemp profile. As for looks this one is a beaut, plenty of trichome coverage and the mix of greens an golden hues are a marvel to look at. The cure is pretty good to little dry to touch but still nice an sticky on the inside.

***Flavour ***

After hitting this in the dynavap a few times on a low temp hit you get a light airy sweet inhale that carry’s though on the exhale. When I hit this with a higher heat the profile carry’s a real earthy hemp on the exhale still nice and smooth on the throat. A real nice tasting flower for me.


This to start with is nice and light on the body but as time has gone on I feel like this is getting heavier. Not overpowering heavy just a nice clear head with a relaxed body. Just what I need after a long days grind. A great day/night strain for me an all round good experience.

*** conclusion *** 8/10

Being a Pineapple Express lover from many moons ago this is a well-rounded profile with the effects to match. Definitely worth a try and to get stuck in to. Thanks again paradise for the care package it’s always appreciated and always look forward to the next instalment.

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Sour Skittles – Hemp & Herb

As always, a massive thank you to the hemp and herb team for reaching out to me and proving another fantastic strain of theirs sour skittles. This one look’s and smells great and what a treat it has been. Remember to check them out and save an extra 15% off your orders.


save 15% with code: cr15

Strain: sour skittles

Strength: ~15%

*** looks and smell***

Just look at this sour skittles I can’t get over the looks of this. If you love a well formed coated looking flower this one ticks all them boxes. The cure on this is out of hand good no time been waisted or rushed. It’s covered in trichomes and plenty of deep orange pistols that are almost brown. Its aroma is next level good it’s got a kind of sharp sweet fruity smell that has a deep pungent dank aroma to it. The smell is like sniffing a bag of sour sweets. Can’t get over how good this one looks an smells. Grinds up like a dream an the aroma intensifies ten fold.


This one is a fast-acting mood stabler for me. It’s got me out of my grumpy slump all week. This one for me does have some good levels of relaxation to it. Leaves me feeling a lot less stressed an chilled and the sleep I have been getting has been nice and deep.

***Flavour ***

The flavours I’m getting are a deep dank fruity inhale that has a sour sweet exhale. Very nice on the pallet and definitely moreish. It’s got a fresh profile to it on a low temp hit and I love that a lot. Crazy good that’s for sure.


The best skittles profile I’ve had to date. Yet another top-quality product bought to market from the team at hemp and herb cbd and I am so grateful for the care package you guys never fail to impress me. Roll on the next instalment.

Just a quick note

I have got to say a huge thank you to everyone who has shown their support over the last two years for that I’m really great full for each and everyone of you.

To all the companies that have helped me get to where I am from providing samples and to the great deals on products ive bought i thank you all.

To all my followers you guys have been amazing and have been the reason why I have accomplished so much over the last two years. If my reviews have helped you decide on products in the past I hope all my new reviews help you even more in the not so distant future.

If there is anything you would like to see me add to my website do drop me a little message as I’m always looking for new ideas on ways to improve and evolve.

Thank you all so much

Cbd Cronicles

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Purple Gelato – Paradise cbd

Here we go big shouts to the paradise family as always, the continued support is always appreciated, and this new Purple Gelato looks amazing.


Discount code : cbdcronicles15

Strain: purple Gelato

Area Of Origin: Tuscany

CBD Content: 25.9%

Total Cannabinoids: 27.3%

*** looks and smell***

This new gelato smells great is a kind of sweet/ deep Hempy earthy aroma that singles the senses. On the back end, it has a little floral scent, which gets stronger after it’s put in the grinder. This has a mix of dark and light greens with some purple shades coming through on closer inspection. The bud is covered it shimmering trichomes and plenty of orange shoots. The cure is nice with a few sweet leaf’s here and there and that’s never an issue for me. This has a somewhat dry exterior but is still wet on the interior.

***Flavour ***

This taste just like if smells on the inhale you get a fresh earthy profile that is followed by a sweet floral Hemp. It’s quite a nice profile that works well and over all a well rounded flavour.


Loaded up the dynavap an hit this with a few heat cycles and have been left feeling uplifted with a sense of relaxation. For me this one is a level headed feel. It’s not one that’s heavy on the body or chest. A great strain for focusing a bit more and one for the get up an go if you still want to get on with the day.

*** conclusion *** 8/10

Once again paradise have bought another great affordable strain to market. If you’re looking for a nice mellow vibe and nice tasting, then this one rocks the boxes and a must try. Thanks again guys you guys’ rock.