Purple Gelato – Paradise cbd

Here we go big shouts to the paradise family as always, the continued support is always appreciated, and this new Purple Gelato looks amazing.


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Strain: purple Gelato

Area Of Origin: Tuscany

CBD Content: 25.9%

Total Cannabinoids: 27.3%

*** looks and smell***

This new gelato smells great is a kind of sweet/ deep Hempy earthy aroma that singles the senses. On the back end, it has a little floral scent, which gets stronger after it’s put in the grinder. This has a mix of dark and light greens with some purple shades coming through on closer inspection. The bud is covered it shimmering trichomes and plenty of orange shoots. The cure is nice with a few sweet leaf’s here and there and that’s never an issue for me. This has a somewhat dry exterior but is still wet on the interior.

***Flavour ***

This taste just like if smells on the inhale you get a fresh earthy profile that is followed by a sweet floral Hemp. It’s quite a nice profile that works well and over all a well rounded flavour.


Loaded up the dynavap an hit this with a few heat cycles and have been left feeling uplifted with a sense of relaxation. For me this one is a level headed feel. It’s not one that’s heavy on the body or chest. A great strain for focusing a bit more and one for the get up an go if you still want to get on with the day.

*** conclusion *** 8/10

Once again paradise have bought another great affordable strain to market. If you’re looking for a nice mellow vibe and nice tasting, then this one rocks the boxes and a must try. Thanks again guys you guys’ rock.