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pineapple paradise cbd

As I always do let’s start off by saying a massive thank you for the continued support as always to the team over at paradise cbd and for sending out this Pineapple. Service has always been spot on for me an always a pleasure working and dealing with you guys.

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Strain: Pineapple (batch 04.05.22)

Area Of Origin: Tuscany
CBD Content: 26.6%
Total Cannabinoids: 27.9%

*** looks and smell***

This one smell great it’s got a fruity aroma to it that has a dank backend. It’s got the smell of a pineapple before you cut it open. A earthy almost sour smell to it. It’s a real nose pleaser for me and once in the grinder that aroma takes on a full on sweet sour earthy hemp profile. As for looks this one is a beaut, plenty of trichome coverage and the mix of greens an golden hues are a marvel to look at. The cure is pretty good to little dry to touch but still nice an sticky on the inside.

***Flavour ***

After hitting this in the dynavap a few times on a low temp hit you get a light airy sweet inhale that carry’s though on the exhale. When I hit this with a higher heat the profile carry’s a real earthy hemp on the exhale still nice and smooth on the throat. A real nice tasting flower for me.


This to start with is nice and light on the body but as time has gone on I feel like this is getting heavier. Not overpowering heavy just a nice clear head with a relaxed body. Just what I need after a long days grind. A great day/night strain for me an all round good experience.

*** conclusion *** 8/10

Being a Pineapple Express lover from many moons ago this is a well-rounded profile with the effects to match. Definitely worth a try and to get stuck in to. Thanks again paradise for the care package it’s always appreciated and always look forward to the next instalment.