Sour Skittles – Hemp & Herb

As always, a massive thank you to the hemp and herb team for reaching out to me and proving another fantastic strain of theirs sour skittles. This one look’s and smells great and what a treat it has been. Remember to check them out and save an extra 15% off your orders.

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Strain: sour skittles

Strength: ~15%

*** looks and smell***

Just look at this sour skittles I can’t get over the looks of this. If you love a well formed coated looking flower this one ticks all them boxes. The cure on this is out of hand good no time been waisted or rushed. It’s covered in trichomes and plenty of deep orange pistols that are almost brown. Its aroma is next level good it’s got a kind of sharp sweet fruity smell that has a deep pungent dank aroma to it. The smell is like sniffing a bag of sour sweets. Can’t get over how good this one looks an smells. Grinds up like a dream an the aroma intensifies ten fold.


This one is a fast-acting mood stabler for me. It’s got me out of my grumpy slump all week. This one for me does have some good levels of relaxation to it. Leaves me feeling a lot less stressed an chilled and the sleep I have been getting has been nice and deep.

***Flavour ***

The flavours I’m getting are a deep dank fruity inhale that has a sour sweet exhale. Very nice on the pallet and definitely moreish. It’s got a fresh profile to it on a low temp hit and I love that a lot. Crazy good that’s for sure.


The best skittles profile I’ve had to date. Yet another top-quality product bought to market from the team at hemp and herb cbd and I am so grateful for the care package you guys never fail to impress me. Roll on the next instalment.