Mango Kush Budder – Improved Health

At it once again this time with the new mango kush Budder from the guys over at improved health. Thank you for the too service as always delivery was nice an prompt and these are at a great price tag for 1g pots too.

Strain: mango kush

Strength: 90 % cbd

*** looks and smells***

So when I first opened this up I was greeted with what looked to be a hard extract but once you get closer to this you can see it’s still soft and easy to work with. It’s deep orange almost brown complexion is a thing of beauty. Granted this is a little on the dryer side of what a budder should be in my opinion but never the less it looks great. As for aroma I’m getting a sweet pine. It has a earthy bite to it on the backend but smells great never the less.


Effects for me on this is a smooth level headed ride. Nothing heavy at all even after 2 nice dabs with this in my rig. A great way of getting that cbd intake that’s for sure. It does settle down my over thinking brain an that’s a good thing for me as I’m always over thinking. I did sleep pretty well with this one too, so over all effects were nice

***Flavour ***

Well I’d say this is a piney profile that has a little sweet taste to it on the inhale and in the exhale you get a deeper pine/Hempy taste to it. Not as sweet as you would expect but not a bad taste to it for me.

***Conclusion*** 8/10

This is a good extract an if like me you like your Badder/budder/butter type extracts at a great price this is one to check out. These guys produce some quality products and always deliver on time. Great job guys an roll on the next instalment

White fire OG – Doctor Herb

Once again, a massive thanks to the team at doctor herb for asking me to review their new white fire Og strain. You guys rock an I’m always happy to review your products.

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Strain: white fire og

Strength: 22% CBD

*** looks and smell***

Doctor herb always strive with quality products an this is another fine example of what quality cbd flower should be like. The looks on this are stunning nice dense flower blooms. Such beautiful shades of greens that shimmer with a shimmering helping of trichomes. This is cured just right an the time on this is outstanding. Once it hits the grinder it fluffs up nicely. As for the aroma omg this thing is a beauty, a fruity pungent aroma wraps round the hairs in my nose an gets my taste buds watering. On those deeper inhales you get a sweet musky aroma. A proper dank smelling flower that’s for sure.


This one has helped me ten fold this week, after a lot of stress at work this has helped me come back down to earth. It has a nice relaxing feel to it. It has helped me clear my negative attitude and given me that boost I need of an evening. A great mood lifter for me.

***Flavour ***

On a low temp hot in my dynavap I’m getting a fresh airy hit that has a mellow sweetness to it then when I hit it with a bit more heat you get that dank musky sweet profile. It’s a all round dank profile that is smooth on the throat an tastes amazing.


What a strain. All round flavour and effects that I look for in a flower. I definitely say this one is a must try and a high contender for one of my top 3 for the year so far. Full on fruity musky dank goodness. Thanks again guys and look forward to the next instalment.

KeyLime Pie – BlackThorn Organics

First things first a huge thank you to the team over that Blackthron organics for reaching out to me and wanting me to review some of their products in this case their Keylime pie extract.I’m deeply humbled for that, and it’s always appreciated, and I enjoy trying new products. Makes sure you give these guys a follow and check them out

Strain: keylime pie

Strength: 99% cbd isolate

*** looks and smell***

Well what can I say the packing on this is super eye catching with a funky bright design. This extract it’s self is in a nice white jar. The extract it’s self is a pale amber colour and is very clean looking. The extract looks like shards of crystal that are hard an break easy watch out though as this shatters an chucks do fly. As for aroma it doesn’t have any distinct smells to it at all.

keylime pie extract
Shards of goodness
blackthorn organics logo
Blackthorn logo
keylime pie logo
loving the logo


With this one it definitely does have that chill unwind to it, not heavy on the body so can see this being a great all-day strain that leaves you feeling focused and ready for action.

***Flavour ***

Flavour on this for me is a very mild hit of lime it’s not over packed with terpy flavours. It’s not over powering at all like some extracts. It’s nice and smooth on the throat in my dab rig at 420f and when I hit it at 450f that’s when the citrusy lime came through better. Still nice a smooth as I’m a low temp person can’t deal with the heat. But I do wish it had a little more flavour to it in all fairness.

***Conclusion*** 8/10

This is a nice clean extract that has left me feeling calm and focused. Definitely not a bad extract. Thank you very much guys and I look forward to the next instalment.

Fruit Sushi – The Real Hemp Hash

As always many thanks to the hemp hash team for the continued support and wanting me to review yet another strain for them this time being their new Fruit Sushi strain.

Strain: Fruit Sushi

Strength: 17% CBD-A

*** looks and smell***

As to be expected from the team at hemphash the looks on this flower is extremely impressive. Its super dense formation is is coated in bright orange shoots popping out all over the place. It’s mix of greens make it a marvellous thing to look at. The trichome coverage is crazy too. The aromas on this one are a real pungent fruity bust on the nose then your hit is a dank spice on the backend. Soon as this hits the grinder the profile just explodes an fills the air with sweet spicy notes. If I was handed this in the street and didn’t know it was cbd with the aroma and looks it has I’d have said this was thc.


This one is a nice relaxing sensation for me this evening. After being a proper grump all weekend and nothing taking the edge off I was a bit umm is this going to even help me as nothing did. But this evening it has left me feeling a lot calmer than I have been all weekend. I’ve hit this a good few times now in my dynavap and found it didn’t put much vapour out at all but dam this flower is working hard today.

***Flavour ***

This is a fruity inhale that is sweet and delicate. The exhale is dank fruity with a mix of mild spice. The profile works really well an is right up there for me. I just love how far cbd has come in the past 6 months with the right strains an this is one not to be missed out on.


What a killer strain. A great all-round strain for me from effects to flavour. The high quality as standard from hemphash is always a pleasure to sample. Thank you so much guys can’t wait for the next instalment.