Fruit Sushi – The Real Hemp Hash

As always many thanks to the hemp hash team for the continued support and wanting me to review yet another strain for them this time being their new Fruit Sushi strain.

Strain: Fruit Sushi

Strength: 17% CBD-A

*** looks and smell***

As to be expected from the team at hemphash the looks on this flower is extremely impressive. Its super dense formation is is coated in bright orange shoots popping out all over the place. It’s mix of greens make it a marvellous thing to look at. The trichome coverage is crazy too. The aromas on this one are a real pungent fruity bust on the nose then your hit is a dank spice on the backend. Soon as this hits the grinder the profile just explodes an fills the air with sweet spicy notes. If I was handed this in the street and didn’t know it was cbd with the aroma and looks it has I’d have said this was thc.


This one is a nice relaxing sensation for me this evening. After being a proper grump all weekend and nothing taking the edge off I was a bit umm is this going to even help me as nothing did. But this evening it has left me feeling a lot calmer than I have been all weekend. I’ve hit this a good few times now in my dynavap and found it didn’t put much vapour out at all but dam this flower is working hard today.

***Flavour ***

This is a fruity inhale that is sweet and delicate. The exhale is dank fruity with a mix of mild spice. The profile works really well an is right up there for me. I just love how far cbd has come in the past 6 months with the right strains an this is one not to be missed out on.


What a killer strain. A great all-round strain for me from effects to flavour. The high quality as standard from hemphash is always a pleasure to sample. Thank you so much guys can’t wait for the next instalment.