KeyLime Pie – BlackThorn Organics

First things first a huge thank you to the team over that Blackthron organics for reaching out to me and wanting me to review some of their products in this case their Keylime pie extract.I’m deeply humbled for that, and it’s always appreciated, and I enjoy trying new products. Makes sure you give these guys a follow and check them out

Strain: keylime pie

Strength: 99% cbd isolate

*** looks and smell***

Well what can I say the packing on this is super eye catching with a funky bright design. This extract it’s self is in a nice white jar. The extract it’s self is a pale amber colour and is very clean looking. The extract looks like shards of crystal that are hard an break easy watch out though as this shatters an chucks do fly. As for aroma it doesn’t have any distinct smells to it at all.

keylime pie extract
Shards of goodness
blackthorn organics logo
Blackthorn logo
keylime pie logo
loving the logo


With this one it definitely does have that chill unwind to it, not heavy on the body so can see this being a great all-day strain that leaves you feeling focused and ready for action.

***Flavour ***

Flavour on this for me is a very mild hit of lime it’s not over packed with terpy flavours. It’s not over powering at all like some extracts. It’s nice and smooth on the throat in my dab rig at 420f and when I hit it at 450f that’s when the citrusy lime came through better. Still nice a smooth as I’m a low temp person can’t deal with the heat. But I do wish it had a little more flavour to it in all fairness.

***Conclusion*** 8/10

This is a nice clean extract that has left me feeling calm and focused. Definitely not a bad extract. Thank you very much guys and I look forward to the next instalment.