White fire OG – Doctor Herb

Once again, a massive thanks to the team at doctor herb for asking me to review their new white fire Og strain. You guys rock an I’m always happy to review your products.

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Strain: white fire og

Strength: 22% CBD

*** looks and smell***

Doctor herb always strive with quality products an this is another fine example of what quality cbd flower should be like. The looks on this are stunning nice dense flower blooms. Such beautiful shades of greens that shimmer with a shimmering helping of trichomes. This is cured just right an the time on this is outstanding. Once it hits the grinder it fluffs up nicely. As for the aroma omg this thing is a beauty, a fruity pungent aroma wraps round the hairs in my nose an gets my taste buds watering. On those deeper inhales you get a sweet musky aroma. A proper dank smelling flower that’s for sure.


This one has helped me ten fold this week, after a lot of stress at work this has helped me come back down to earth. It has a nice relaxing feel to it. It has helped me clear my negative attitude and given me that boost I need of an evening. A great mood lifter for me.

***Flavour ***

On a low temp hot in my dynavap I’m getting a fresh airy hit that has a mellow sweetness to it then when I hit it with a bit more heat you get that dank musky sweet profile. It’s a all round dank profile that is smooth on the throat an tastes amazing.


What a strain. All round flavour and effects that I look for in a flower. I definitely say this one is a must try and a high contender for one of my top 3 for the year so far. Full on fruity musky dank goodness. Thanks again guys and look forward to the next instalment.