Mango Kush Budder – Improved Health

At it once again this time with the new mango kush Budder from the guys over at improved health. Thank you for the too service as always delivery was nice an prompt and these are at a great price tag for 1g pots too.

Strain: mango kush

Strength: 90 % cbd

*** looks and smells***

So when I first opened this up I was greeted with what looked to be a hard extract but once you get closer to this you can see it’s still soft and easy to work with. It’s deep orange almost brown complexion is a thing of beauty. Granted this is a little on the dryer side of what a budder should be in my opinion but never the less it looks great. As for aroma I’m getting a sweet pine. It has a earthy bite to it on the backend but smells great never the less.


Effects for me on this is a smooth level headed ride. Nothing heavy at all even after 2 nice dabs with this in my rig. A great way of getting that cbd intake that’s for sure. It does settle down my over thinking brain an that’s a good thing for me as I’m always over thinking. I did sleep pretty well with this one too, so over all effects were nice

***Flavour ***

Well I’d say this is a piney profile that has a little sweet taste to it on the inhale and in the exhale you get a deeper pine/Hempy taste to it. Not as sweet as you would expect but not a bad taste to it for me.

***Conclusion*** 8/10

This is a good extract an if like me you like your Badder/budder/butter type extracts at a great price this is one to check out. These guys produce some quality products and always deliver on time. Great job guys an roll on the next instalment