Pineapple Kush – Hemp & Herb

Let’s kick start 2023. A massive thanks you As always to the hemp and herb team for reaching out to me and proving another fantastic strain of theirs Pineapple kush . This one looks and smells great and what a treat it has been. These guys always provide quality products an never let me down. Remember to check them out and save a extra 15% off your orders.

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Strain: pineapple kush

Strength: ~15%

*** looks and smell***

As always the trim an cure are spot on with this one. As with all the other flower I’ve had from these guys. The trichome coverage is pretty nice. The mix of light and dark greens are a beautiful thing to look at. Upon closer examination I noticed some real deep purple hues coming though. As for pistol coverage these are a deep orange that are almost brown to look at. The aroma on this is a dank earthy profile that to start with is sweet but the deeper you inhale the more intense the earthy musky kush shows it’s true colours. A real nice profile.


Well this one for me was on the mild side didn’t really notice anything heavy but I must say I slept really well with this one. An was definitely left feeling a little sluggish the next morning where I’d slept to heavy. A great day time strain that leaves me with a clear head and more energy. A great one for the day time.

***Flavour ***

This is a fresh sweet inhale that then comes off real earthy on the exhale. At first I wasn’t sure on the flavour but after a few hits on different heat cycles the profile tastes great leaves me wanting for more and more


This for me is a nice strain. Not what I look for personally as I like a more Indica heavy flower. If your looking for a light profile that leaves you clear headed this one is for you. Many thanks guys an roll on the next instalment.