Bubble gum – BudBros

Well it’s that time again. A massive thank you to the team at @bud.bros.uk for the hook up an this time round the new bubble gum strain.Remember to check them out https://www.budbros.uk
Strain: bubble gum
Strength: ???

*** looks and smell***

Here we have a nice dense bud that is well cured and trimmed to perfection. It’s a mix of pale greens that on the inside gets evening lighter in places. As for trichome coverage this things caked in them right the way to the core. There is a nice helping of dark amber almost brown shoots that you can just make out as they are pretty fine. The aroma I’m getting from this soon as I popped open the bag is a strong fruity hemp and the deeper you inhale the more intense it gets. Soon as it hits the grinder this bubble gums springs to life tenfold full on sweet fruit with a almost sour backend that’s some what sharp.


Well after loading the volcano an hitting the first bag I’m feeling a little warm on the inside. I can feel the warm waves passing my over cheeks. This has got a nice uplifting feel to it for me. Not over powering just a nice well balanced feel. A great all round strain for me.

***Flavour ***

This is just like it smells a deep Hempy gas inhale that is then followed up by a sweet taste bud snaking exhale.


Over all I’m really enjoying the flower from bud bros an this is another great flower that is high in quality. Looks and smells great and I’m very grateful indeed to the team for reaching out to me