Pineapple Express – The cbd flower shop

To start with a massive thank to the cbd flower shop for their support over the last couple Years. Also for sending me out one of their new disposable vape pens. They asked me what one I’d like to try an said any but the Pineapple Express. As I’ve had a few now and fancy a different profile. They sent me a Pineapple Express one an I was like oh another Pineapple Express flavour. But my gosh I’m glad they sent me it.
Disposable vape cart
Strain: Pineapple Express
Strength: 60%

*** Device***

This device is powered by C cell and is a draw type device. Just puff and go. The device is a solid little pen. sits on the lips just fine. Puts out a decent amount of vapour and there is a little clear window so you can see how much juice is left. The pa Kong in this is great love the design nice simple yet eye catching.


Well as for effects this is a great mood booster for me. What with not being to good as of late with my mental health. I’ve been using this of an evening once home from work. It has helped me settle get my thoughts together and get a few bits sorted. This at first i was like not much going on here. It is a little easy for me as forget it’s cbd with the great taste. I forgot this is not my normal vape device. So me being me kept on puffing away then bang it kicks me in to sleep mode. Just what has been needed as of late.

***Flavour ***

Now the flavour profile on this is out of hand. It’s a real earthy woody inhale. Then it’s soon pushed to the side with a super sweet pineapple zesty sweetness that just lingers for ages on the roof of my mouth. This for me is the best tasting Pineapple Express I’ve had to date and I’m glad they sent me this as it’s definitely set the bar for Pineapple Express profiles in vape/cart form for me

***Conclusion*** 10/10

This is a great device and the profile just slaps you in the face. This is as loud as you would expect a pineapple profile to be. I can’t get over how good itis well done guys an thank you so much for sending me
This and supporting me as always.