Sour Diesel – CBDfx

First off a massive thank you tho the guys over at @gradedgreen for sending this over Sour diesel cbdfx pen for reviewing it’s always appreciated and very humbling that they always ask me to review there products they stock

Manufacturer: cbdfx


Strength: 50mg

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***Packing and appearance***

So the packing in this is pretty cool. Alot has gone in to it by cbdfx. The eye catching packing is great in my opinion. The pen itself is like one of the first disposable ecig designs. No buttons no chargers just take a puff an away you go being draw activated. It’s a simple design that produces a nice amount of vapour to give the user a smoking effect. Being only VG and natural terps it does not have all the nasty’s of smoking.


So being 50mg CBD I was not expecting to much of a hit from this. But it is quite punchy for 50mg. I’ve prob had 10 pulls on it and it’s not to bad for what itis. It’s a great little way of starting off with cbd and building up to dabbing or vaping on bigger mods. I must has my eyes do feel a little heavy. My kind it a little more chilled out and feeling clear headed is always a plus for me.


This being a sour diesel. I can say this is a sort of soft taste. Not a full representative of what you’d expect it to taste like due to the strain. Over all its a ok flavour. Can get away with vaping this anywhere. As it just smells like a ecig an not like you vaping on a bag of flowers

***Over all rating*** 8/10

So overall this is getting


5/10 Device ease of use

10/10 Effects

A great little pocket pen to get your fix when out and about or if you are just starting off and don’t want to go all out on a big vape mod. So if your new to vaping and cbd this could be the way for you to get started