Maui Wowie shatter – Chefs CBD

 Maui Wowie shatter

I have been sent this for review from the guys over at @thecbdcenterI’m very grateful indeed an very humbled guys for this Maui Wowie shatter.

**** Extract Review***

strain : Maui Wowie shatter

Cbd content: 99.4%

Sourced from :

Manufacturer: chefs cbd

***Looks and smell***

The looks of this Maui Wowie shatter extract is absolutely exceptional, it’s a deep orange that shimmers in the light. This is a nice example of what clean well produced product should be like. It smells sweet yet earthy very much like the old school strain.


Flavour is very earthy on in inhale and have that sweet tropical sort of pineapple fruity exhale. It’s such a pleasure to dab and can see why this strain profile is a massive success world over


This is a great, I mean I feel lifted totally up and away with the fairys, I’m feeling so relaxed an clear headed right now. It’s not one of them heavy hitters it’s very important that I can continue with my day after a hit or 2 an this does just what I want an need

***Conclusion*** 9/10

Overall this is a solid extract an is a great day time strain to help you get through the day on a level. Flavour is spot on an a must for all you old skool profile lovers