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Mona Lisa – Improved Health

Mona Lisa 510

First off many thanks to the improved health team for the new Mona Lisa vape cart guys it’s always appreciated. Do check them out drop them a follow of you haven’t already.

Discount code: cbdcronicles15

*** Device***

This cart has a stainless 510 thread and a nice black ceramic mouth peace. It’s easy to screw on to your desired battery or mod of choice. The vapour production is pretty impressive from the cart and air flow is a nice restrictive pull. The liquid inside the cart is a beautiful honey like colour that is really thick. It takes ages for the bubble to move and to me that says it’s not been cut like some oils to make the product stretch more.


The effects on this one for me are very relaxing. My body to start with was hit with a real nice warm sensation that had me sitting in total bliss. I would say this one is a great day time strain to start with but then you are like me and keep puffing away you soon forget about any aches and pains. It helped me settle down after a long day on the go that’s for sure.

***Flavour ***

Well this one reminds me of a different profile cart I’ve had in the past. It’s got a rich pine profile that is some what spicy. It hits the back of the throat and for me it’s not to much of an issue but if you have a sensitive throat you might find it a bit much like my wife does. It has a sweet inhale that is some what zesty but then followed by that dank rich pine profile. This one climbs to the pallet for a while and for me is a very unique profile. It’s rich in spice yet sweet an mellow. But over all a great flavour profile.

***Conclusion*** 9/10

Massive thanks to the improved health team for the support as always. This Mona Lisa is a winner and a all round fantastic product. This is worth a look guys if your in to your carts.

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limoncello – Professor Herb


Many thanks to the team over at professor herb for sending me this limoncello product to review, I’m very humbled by how much you guys sent me and I can’t wait to try the rest of these products

Manufacturer: professor herb


Strength: 500mg 40%cbd

Strain: limoncello

***Packing and appearance***

As you can see from the photos the packing on this pen rock some funky greens going on very eye catching for sure.The pen it’s self is a standard origal ecig style puff an go pen, pretty straight forward to use and makes it great for people who can’t roll or don’t vape . The device is black with a silver bottom that lights up greem when you take a pull and it’s a bright light too.



Well after a few pudf on this pen I can feel my cheeks begin to start glowing, I was quite surprised on how well for a vape pen the effects are, I can say that it’s quite relaxing yet definitely given my mind a boost as I can’t concentrate on ever writing this as I keep getting side tracked. Certainly one one of u are looking to focus on a task in hand but still great Effects for a little pen. Being 70pg/30vg it is a little harsh as I always vape 70vg/30pg as I find pg does scratch my throat when I vape it, always has done so i expected this to happen with this pen but the pg helps carry the Flavour


The taste of this pen is giving me a kind of keylime pie sort of taste. It’s very sweet yet very cakey at the same time. It’s got a real fruity taste an I do like the Flavour for sure well done guys

***Over all rating***

So overall I’m giving this 8/10

Flavour 8/10

Device ease of use 10/10

Effects 8/10

Well this is a great pen from professor herb, a must try if you are in to vaping cbd pens. Flavour is great an morish, hats off to you guys for bringing a great product to market

high kind logo

Cindy Cheese – HighKind Cannabis Co

To start with I’d like to say a massive thank you to the guys over at highkindcannabiscoFor sending me this Cindy Cheese. Yet another killer care package to review , it’s always a pleasure dealing with you guys an I highly recommend to everyone

Strain: Cindy Cheese

Manufacturer: highkind cannabis co

Strength:250mg over 5ml of distillate


As always highkinds Packaging rocks always bright vivid designs that are pleasing to the eye. The cart itself has their logo on so no mistake when you look at it if you have a collection going on. The cart is solidly made. An it comes with two silicone protectors one on the 510 thread and one on the mouth peace.

cindy cheese cart


The flavours from this little cart are very suitable indeed. I’m getting a kind of sweet earthy inhale that has a peppery taste that sticks to the pallet. That’s almost like the back end of a haze on the exhale. No harshness to it but I’m sure as the coil and cotton break in the Flavour will only get sweeter


This cart packs a punch I’ve had 10 pulls on this and I must say my head is clear. Eyes a little heavy but feeling quite relaxed. As time goes on I’m feeling even more relaxed and that warm fuzziness that calls for the sofa yet still feeling able to get on with things


Effects 10/10

Flavour 8/10

Cart quality 10/10

Such a great little cart that packs a punch. A must have in anyone’s arsenal that loves their carts, great job guys

cbd fx

Sour Diesel – CBDfx

First off a massive thank you tho the guys over at @gradedgreen for sending this over Sour diesel cbdfx pen for reviewing it’s always appreciated and very humbling that they always ask me to review there products they stock

Manufacturer: cbdfx


Strength: 50mg

save 15% with code : c15


***Packing and appearance***

So the packing in this is pretty cool. Alot has gone in to it by cbdfx. The eye catching packing is great in my opinion. The pen itself is like one of the first disposable ecig designs. No buttons no chargers just take a puff an away you go being draw activated. It’s a simple design that produces a nice amount of vapour to give the user a smoking effect. Being only VG and natural terps it does not have all the nasty’s of smoking.


So being 50mg CBD I was not expecting to much of a hit from this. But it is quite punchy for 50mg. I’ve prob had 10 pulls on it and it’s not to bad for what itis. It’s a great little way of starting off with cbd and building up to dabbing or vaping on bigger mods. I must has my eyes do feel a little heavy. My kind it a little more chilled out and feeling clear headed is always a plus for me.


This being a sour diesel. I can say this is a sort of soft taste. Not a full representative of what you’d expect it to taste like due to the strain. Over all its a ok flavour. Can get away with vaping this anywhere. As it just smells like a ecig an not like you vaping on a bag of flowers

***Over all rating*** 8/10

So overall this is getting


5/10 Device ease of use

10/10 Effects

A great little pocket pen to get your fix when out and about or if you are just starting off and don’t want to go all out on a big vape mod. So if your new to vaping and cbd this could be the way for you to get started

Disposable pen kit PenKing / Got Loud

penking disposable pen

So to start with welcome to my Penking disposable pen review and massive thanks to the pengking/gotloud team on doing a little give away I was lucky enough I win one of 10 kits that they was giving away

Check them out


Strength: ???

*** looks and device***

So as soon as I opened the package I was greeted with a neat little grey/green coloured box with the pengking logo on. Nice an simple packing on the outside. When I opened it I was greeted with a nice little black pod, battery and a usb cable too. Nice little touch that charging cable as these pods are interchangeable with other pengking pods. The device is a nice little classic pod design that can be kept away from praying eyes if your one who doesn’t want people to see what your up to.

*** flavours***

So I’m not sure on the flavour profile on this one. To me it’s a kind of earthy hemp profile some what of like what some cbd drops taste like. There is no fruity fancy profile here that grabs my attention. It’s a woodie dry earthy flavour that does stick to the palate. It’s not a bad profile at all an makes a change from all the fruity pungent profiles out there on today market.


Well from the effect point of view, I was though oh well this is not that great, but after a few more hits of this it didi creep up on me. I am feeling quite relaxed and very much on a happy chilled level. My eyes are a little more heavy than they was about 20 mins ago. Over all a great all round mind an body cleanse


Great little pod/battery combo, well worth a look if you are not in to your exotic profiles an look for that Hempy flavour. Great job guys and thank you for the opportunity of sampling this device

Blackcurrant Kush – Dispensarypens cbd

blackcurrent kush live

First off I can not believe what these guys have sent me check this Blackcurrant Kush (live) pen review. I’m blown away with this. I placed an order with dispensarypens cbd and speaking with the owners I was informed my delivery was delayed and that I would be more than happy with what they had in store for me. My gosh I’m totally speechless an that makes a change for me. Thank you so much guys it’s means so much what you have done it speaks volumes about you as a company.

Disposable vape pen

Strain: blackcurrant kush (Live)

Strength: it doesn’t state

*** Device***

So this is a simple design. It can’t get no simpler at all just a little rectangular mod that works on draw activation. It’s nothing special to look at but for a little device it produces a decent about of vapour. It is a nice tight draw but not to tight you feel like your lungs are giving up trying to get a puff out of it.


This has a great little kick to it. After 5 or 6 pulls my eyes are feeling heavy and my body is feeling total peace. This gets to work fast and has left me in a tranquil state. My mind is clear and body feels relaxed. This is a great way to get your live rosin fix on the go with out dabbing and keeping people none the wiser.

***Flavour ***

This is a deep hash flavour profile to it that has that a black current front end and a kush dankness to it on the inhale, this one definitely reminds me of an old school 90s kush that has got a berry exhale that is sweet yet earthy dankness that clings to the pallet.

***Conclusion*** 9/10

This is a great strain for anyone who wants some well need relaxation and I’m sure this will help ease any pains you may have. An absolute winner when it comes to vaping on the go.

DynaVap 2020M – DynaVap

dynavap 2020m

***dynavap concentrate coil and 2020m 2 years of use***

Manufacturer: dynavap

***Dynavap 2020m***

Being a avid mod user. I got fed up with flat battery’s at the most inconvenient times. An always forgetting to charge my mod like I always do.

With all I have herd I just had to try this mech mod for my self. It’s a no brainer really only thing I have to do is remember to put gas in the lighter.

To start with I bought a nice little jet lighter that has 3 flames. As read a lot an found 3 flames the best for beginners. (now I use a single jet for pin point heating)

This is a great device for micro dosing as it holds 0.1g of flower. I wasn’t expecting much of a hit from so little product but dam was I wrong.


The flavours that come from this are unbelievable, I mean so much better for me than any of my portable mods I have here. I mean I can not put in to words what it’s like you get the full on terps on a low temp hit. You rally can taste the rainbow with this device.

***air flow***

Air flow is second to none and can’t get some pretty good rips on this puppy. It’s nice as it’s got the right amount of air flow restrictions an if you burp it as you go you get a gel I’ll on dense vapour that fills the room.


It’s easy to take apart an clean and that is always a plus as cleaning mods is a pain in the back side for me. I don’t want to spend loads of time doing it and this can be done in like 5 minutes flat. Just take apart quick dip in some iso and a few cotton buds and you let good to go, just remember to rinse it all with nice clean warm water and dry it.


So I bought this coil to get in to the world of extracts an all I can say is this little coil is a thing of beauty.

It holds so much extract once you have heated it up. The flavours it produces are pretty dam good to.

It’s almost on par with a proper rig flavour wise. Granted it needs cleaning after a few blasts due to all the reclaim it retains but that’s not a bad thing in my opinion a quick 2 hour dip in some iso and it’s all shiny again an ready for action.

It fits in the dynavap just right didn’t fall out at all and I was worried about that but she clicks in to place nice with a little twist.

If you are looking to try some extracts and already own a dynavap then this coil is a must. It saves buying a dabbing rig and is a great add on for any dynavap users.


This is the best thing since sliced and I don’t know why I didn’t get one sooner. A must have in anyone’s arsenal that is looking for a big hitter full of flavour and 2 years on it hits just as good as the day I bought it, I can see this lasting a very long time even though I want different colours I can see any need for changing my dynavap anytime soon it’s built to last.

Volcano vaporiser – Storz & Brickel

Volcano vaporiser

volcano classic
“The development of the VOLCANO CLASSIC started in Markus Storz’s basement in 1996. Now, 20 years later, the VOLCANO is the most iconic Hot Air Generator on the market. It has been the connoisseurs’ choice ever since. Its iconic shape has immersed into many homes around the world as a unique design element.”

The VOLCANO CLASSIC is the first product from the company and the reason STORZ & BICKEL is so strong today.
Over the years, the VOLCANO has developed a cult following among connoisseurs and a status symbol for users. Today, the VOLCANO CLASSIC is our flagship product and the best-known Hot Air Generator on the market. what many don’t know is that when the VOLCANO CLASSIC was launched in 2000. It served a niche market as one of the first well-functioning Hot Air Generators worldwide.

This is what I have to say on the volcano classic

Volcano vape balloon

Well to start off with I got this device in lockdown, all I an say is I wish and I mean I really wish I’d have got one sooner. I got this second hand and it’s one of the older ones now being just the standard volcano. These things are built to last that’s for sure.

The device is a great edition to my collection of vaporisers. But this is by far my favourite device and I use it every single day. It’s easy to use with a dial on the front to determine what heat setting you would like. For me I use it around number 5 for most of my vaping needs. I mean I load up the chamber with all sorts of combos from flower an hash to flower and extracts.
If I’m using just extracts the chamber has a specific wire pad just for that.

The design of it is very simple chrome top with a black base. It’s very sleek looking. The new range comes in a beautiful black that I would definitely love to get my hands on one day.

The device comes with

·   4 pcs. EASY VALVE Balloon with Mouthpiece 
·   1 pc. EASY VALVE Balloon with Adapter 
·   1 pc. Filling Chamber 
·   3 pcs. Filling Chamber Clip 
·   1 pc. Cap Ring 
·   1 pc. Normal Screen Set (approx. Ø 30 mm) 
·   1 pc. Air Filter Set 
·   1 pc. Herb Mill (approx. Ø 59 mm) 
·   1 pc. Cleaning Brush 
·   1 pc. Instructions for Use 
loading up the volcano

Myself I have the solid valve and can not stress how easy it is to use. The thing I love is that the balloons last quite a while and the refills come in 3m lengths that will make plenty of reusable balloons. It can be a little fiddly to start with the first time you make your first balloon but once you’ve done it once it’s like riding a bike, just take a little time to get the bag right on the valve and the bag will fill like a dream.

When it comes to vapour production I don’t want it to thick so you can’t see though the balloon. But I want to see the vapour myself. I like a wispy vapour that is full of flavour from all them delicious terps that the volcano preserves so so well.
I’m not saying you can’t crank that temp gauge up an have a really thick dense vapour because you sure can. It’s just not a bit of me.

These guys really have stepped up their game so much over the years with so many fantastic products. Maybe someday I will have more in my collection. But for now this volcano is my go to desktop device I love it.