Spec7 – diesel hemp


Well I must say a massive thank you to the guys over at herbaleyes_uk for sending me another great care package including this spec7. it’s always appreciated the support you guys give me an a real pleasure dealing with you as always.

Manufacturer: https://www.dieselhemp.com/

Vendor: https://herbaleyes.co.uk/

Strength: couldn’t find information on Strength

Flavour profile: spec7

***Packaging and looks***

What a eye catching high end looking Packaging. I mean just look at the fancy box it come in. This is probably the most elegant looking Packaging I’ve see so far as in terms of a luxury looking box. The black and gold embossed package is out standing an screams quality. Once you open then box you are greeted with a little glass jar with a black lid. In that is what looks like lumps of honey combe. Real orangey yellow looking that is very clean indeed. The crumble itself is solid I mean its some hard stuff to break. So do be careful. As it does like to ping off in all directions when breaking a bit off to use.

***Flavour and smell***

The smell I’m getting from this is a earthy hemp smell that has that sweet floral zestynessfrom this Spec7. It reminds me of an old school cheese sort of smell. Long before all the real fruity stuff came about in the early 00s. As for Flavour. This hits you with that earthyness straight away. It also has a light piny floral exhale that is quite pleasing on the pallet


Well the effects from this I’m getting after dabbing a good match head sized peace (like jumbo matches). I was hoping for a bit better results to be fair. With all the luxury packing I was expecting it to be a real heavy hitter. Don’t get me wrong it’s not bad. I feel clear headed but that’s about it not heavy eyed at all. My body not all feeling warm and relaxed like I was expecting. I guess that others might have a different effect from it. But this one is definitely a day time number for me. Can get my cbd fix and can quite easily carry on with anything put in front of me.

*** Over all***

Im giving this a 6/10. A well branded product that is clean in all aspects of packing and quality of the extract. Just the effects are not there at all for me. Does not give me what I look for in a extract.