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lemon chew

Lemon Chew

first off got to give Canevolve UK a huge thank you for the massive selection of products for me to review, it may take a while as so so many.

strain : lemon chew

Cbd content: 98%

Sourced from : canevolve

Manufacturer: Dopegoat


***Looks and smell***

Well first off the smell on this is seriously strong, it is such a sweet smelling lemon like a refresher bar in a jar. No other way to explain it with the smell just like pure candy heaven. The looks of this are just as good as the smell, strong yet easy to break up.


Flavour of this is just like a sherbet lemon refresher bar, I mean that Lemon is right there from in inhale with that sour sherbet tartness right away on the exhale pure sweetness that sticks to everything inside your mouth


Effects are quite strong I used an small amount an feel absolutely great. The day from hell has totally drifted away an I couldn’t care that it’s been a bad day. Feeling clear headed body’s melted and super content right about now

***Conclusion*** 10/10

This shatter is absolutely the best tasting shatter I’ve tried so far, flavour and effects are well more than I expected it to be, such a great extract that is a must have in your collection if you are a huge flavour chaser like me.