Pineapple Express Vape Cart – Doze cbd

Pineapple Express Vape Cart

First a massive thank you to the team over at Doze cbd for contacting me and asking me to review a few of there products including this Pineapple Express Vape Cart. This is my first time trying these guys out. Delivery was next day an the owner Eddy is a pleasure to talk to.

Disposable vape cart

Strain: Pineapple Express

Strength: 65%

*** device***

Well this is a 510 threaded vape cart that is used by many these days, the battery is a standard draw activated device with the doze logo on the bottom. It’s a nice little matchy matchy set up an I like things that match an look good together. The distillate inside is amber in colour an from experience I’d say it’s been on the shelf a while, it’s certainly not the darkest cart I’ve seen so to me that’s no a problem. You get a nice cloud full of flavour from the cart an that’s always a plus for me as it feels like a better quality vape.


Well this is a great way to get that cbd intake on the go with a lot less people taking notice as so many people vape these days. After about 7 pulls on this I can definitely feel the relaxation kicking in. This is a uplifting mellow onset that keeps me on a level that I need to be at. After around 20 mins I can still feel the glow in my cheeks and my mood levels lifting.

***Flavour ***

Well this one is a kind of earthy inhale that has sweet under tones and on the exhale you get a peppery/cinnamon that is followed by a sweet fruity profile that sticks to the palate along with that cinnamon spice.

***Conclusion*** 8/10

Great little kit that does just what I want when on the go an need the quick fix. Thank you so much guys and I can’t wait to try some more.

Gelato – DozeCBD


As always a massive thank you to the team over at doze cbd for this Gelato. I am truly great full for the support an care package you sent me. If you haven’t already tried these guys out then do so.

Strain: Gelato

Strength: 21.91% CBD

*** looks and smell***

So the looks on this are great. The old skool looking round blooms are deep greens in colour with plenty of dark orangey brown pistols all over this. It’s well cured an the trim job is great. The flowers are coated on the inside with a great golden trichomes coverage. The aromas before you hit the grinder is that of a cream nutty complexion. When it his the grinder oh my the fruity sweet sherbet aroma just sings from the roof tops.


For me the effects are a very nice chilled one. After loading up the dynavap and hitting it twice. Now I can feel my body letting go of all that built up tension of the days grind. I can say I’m happy on the sofa right now. I can not wait to load up the volcano and let rip.

***Flavour ***

This is a flavour banger for me, to start I got a creamy nutty inhale that is soon ingolfed but a sweet fruity exhale that clings tot he pallet. This is one for the flavour chasers out there. Tastes pretty dam good to me. (I only use my dynavap and volcano I never combust my flower and always a low temp for full on terps)


A very very nice strain, does just what I want after a hard days graft. Thanks again guys for sending this one out an can’t wait to try some more.

Lemon Sorbet – DozeCBD

Lemon Sorbet

Got to give a huge thank you to the team over at doze cbd for the hook up of this Lemon Sorbet and the support. Go check them out if you haven’t already.

Strain: lemon sorbet

Strength: 15.62% cbd

*** looks and smells***

So this one has a real sharp zesty lemon aroma the second I popped open the packet. It’s a sweet zest that is very shape like that of a sicilian lemon peal. It’s looks are very appealing too the flowers are a mix of greens with brown pistols poking through and the trichome coverage is pretty good too.


This is a real mellow one for me, after hit this in the dynavap I can say it’s left me feeling upbeat yet relaxed an mellow at the same time. I can see this being a great day time strain for me an helping me along through the day quite nicely.

***Flavour ***

The flavour on this is a deep peppery onset with a sweet zesty punch that is pretty tasty. It is a great tasting lemon haze profile that is an all time classic. The flavours lingering in my mouth and it’s definitely got my taste buds dancing with excitement.

***Conclusion*** 7/10

A great tasting an smell flower effect were there nothing to heavy a good day time strain. Great job doze and I can’t wait to try some more from your range.

Mango dream DozeCBD

Mango dream

Mango Dream

As always a massive thank you to the team over at doze cbd for this one. I am truly great full for the support an care package you sent me. If you haven’t already tried these guys out then do so.

*** looks and smell***

Well this one is a dank sweet smelling flower indeed, soon as I popped open the bag I was shit with a sweet dank aroma that is that of a sharp fruity citrus. Very gassy indeed. It’s got a dank old skool grassy skunk that just fills the nose and gets the senses going in to over load. The bud is nice an tight, it has a great cure on it. At first I was like this looks a bit tatty but soon as I got it under the light box this thing just popped. It shimmers in the light and is covers in brown/ deep amber pistols. It’s mix of light and dark greens are so inviting.


This one is a great mood booster for me and a uplifting feel to it. It definitely helped me unwind after a long day at work and I slept pretty hard to. I loaded the volcano up and let rip, so satisfying and that’s what counts for me.

***Flavour ***

Straight away you get a dank skunky inhale that is full of rich fruity citrus notes on the exhale. This really does taste like it smells, so good I can not wait to hit this again.


Such a good strain for me, full on flavour banger. The effects are not over powering leaving you feeling lifted. A great all round strain for me, great job guys can’t wait for the next instalment