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Mona Lisa – Improved Health

Mona Lisa 510

First off many thanks to the improved health team for the new Mona Lisa vape cart guys it’s always appreciated. Do check them out drop them a follow of you haven’t already.

Discount code: cbdcronicles15

*** Device***

This cart has a stainless 510 thread and a nice black ceramic mouth peace. It’s easy to screw on to your desired battery or mod of choice. The vapour production is pretty impressive from the cart and air flow is a nice restrictive pull. The liquid inside the cart is a beautiful honey like colour that is really thick. It takes ages for the bubble to move and to me that says it’s not been cut like some oils to make the product stretch more.


The effects on this one for me are very relaxing. My body to start with was hit with a real nice warm sensation that had me sitting in total bliss. I would say this one is a great day time strain to start with but then you are like me and keep puffing away you soon forget about any aches and pains. It helped me settle down after a long day on the go that’s for sure.

***Flavour ***

Well this one reminds me of a different profile cart I’ve had in the past. It’s got a rich pine profile that is some what spicy. It hits the back of the throat and for me it’s not to much of an issue but if you have a sensitive throat you might find it a bit much like my wife does. It has a sweet inhale that is some what zesty but then followed by that dank rich pine profile. This one climbs to the pallet for a while and for me is a very unique profile. It’s rich in spice yet sweet an mellow. But over all a great flavour profile.

***Conclusion*** 9/10

Massive thanks to the improved health team for the support as always. This Mona Lisa is a winner and a all round fantastic product. This is worth a look guys if your in to your carts.

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E-liquid – HighAboveHealth

HighAbvoeHealth e-liquid

These e-liquids were sent to me from the fantastic guys over at @highabovehealth for me to review many thanks guys for the og kush and gelato E-Liquid. A little bit of something today from herbs. Been waiting a while to try these as didn’t have a spare pod dedicated for cbd. But today they came an now the juice is soaking in the coil can’t wait to try these


Well the flavour on these E-Liquids are pretty nice. These have a kind of a sweet tropical earthy hempy flavour with a sort of creamyness to it. Not harsh on the throat like some e liquids are. Granted it’s a totally different experience from vaping normal E-liquid. Quite impressed with the flavour profiles and I’m a fussy git when it comes to e liquids.


Well I opted for the 500mg option first as wasn’t to sure if the 1000mg would be to much. I have been using the voopoo drag X with the 40w to 60w mesh coil. Set to a wattage of 18w.

Remember cbd should be vaped between 15 to 30w

anything over that just burns off the isolate.

I vape at 100w normally and this is quite surprising at 18w. Soon after taking 2 pulls I could feel a glow in my cheeks. A warm fuzzy feeling coming over me. A few more pulls on the X an I can say this is very relaxing. The aches in my foot have gone for now. That’s a great start to my first experience with this juice.


Great little 10ml bottles with child proof lid always a plus. Great label easy to read simple yet straight to the point.


Rating 5/5 for e juice

Well this juice is a great juice and I’m very impressed with the effects an flavour. Just remember to go low and slow on your wattage to get the most from a cbd e juice. Most would recommend this for people who want to get their cbd fix when out and about without stinking the place out like cbd flower does

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Pineapple Express Cart – GradedGreen

First 2022 review for my graded green family the all new Pineapple Express cart. As always Got to give a massive thank you to my gradedgreen family, their continued support over the last 2 years near have been second to none. Always going above and beyond my expectations.


Disposable vape cart

Strain: Pineapple Express

Strength: 70% Total Hemp Derived Cannabinoids and 30% All Natural Botanical Terpenes

*** Device***

Well just look at this cart. It’s a thing of beauty, white ceramic mouth piece and chamber with a glass housing. The cart produces a clean tasting draw. The 510 is smooth like butter when attaching to a device. The air flow on this cart is very airy. You feel like you not getting much on the inhale as it’s so smooth. But as soon as I let out the vapour I was very impressed with the clouds.

graded green cart packing
graded green cart packing


This one for me is a. Wet relaxing strain an all the terpenes work well together and gave me a very pleasant sense of relaxation. I was very uptight before sitting with this in my hand for a while and forgetting it’s not my normal vape mod. I must admit I slept very heavy with this one. So I was very much right where I needed to be before bed. This left me hugging the sofa for a while an nearly falling alseep watching a film. It was a nice way to help me get off to the land of nod. Yet at the same time feeling very content .

***Flavour ***

So with this is a sweet floral inhale. When exhaled you get that herby piney backend that is mixed with that sweetness from the inhale. It’s a very smooth profile. All elements of this complex profile work in harmony together. This gives that full on express profile that is knowing world wide.

***Conclusion*** 9/10

This is a great way to unwind. Definitely a great way of getting that release you need while out and about. It’s not in your face and people don’t really look at people vaping. So a good device to have when out in public. Flavour is spot on and the cart is a thing of beauty. Great job graded can’t wait to try the others

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Cindy Cheese – HighKind Cannabis Co

To start with I’d like to say a massive thank you to the guys over at highkindcannabiscoFor sending me this Cindy Cheese. Yet another killer care package to review , it’s always a pleasure dealing with you guys an I highly recommend to everyone

Strain: Cindy Cheese

Manufacturer: highkind cannabis co

Strength:250mg over 5ml of distillate


As always highkinds Packaging rocks always bright vivid designs that are pleasing to the eye. The cart itself has their logo on so no mistake when you look at it if you have a collection going on. The cart is solidly made. An it comes with two silicone protectors one on the 510 thread and one on the mouth peace.

cindy cheese cart


The flavours from this little cart are very suitable indeed. I’m getting a kind of sweet earthy inhale that has a peppery taste that sticks to the pallet. That’s almost like the back end of a haze on the exhale. No harshness to it but I’m sure as the coil and cotton break in the Flavour will only get sweeter


This cart packs a punch I’ve had 10 pulls on this and I must say my head is clear. Eyes a little heavy but feeling quite relaxed. As time goes on I’m feeling even more relaxed and that warm fuzziness that calls for the sofa yet still feeling able to get on with things


Effects 10/10

Flavour 8/10

Cart quality 10/10

Such a great little cart that packs a punch. A must have in anyone’s arsenal that loves their carts, great job guys

cbd fx

Sour Diesel – CBDfx

First off a massive thank you tho the guys over at @gradedgreen for sending this over Sour diesel cbdfx pen for reviewing it’s always appreciated and very humbling that they always ask me to review there products they stock

Manufacturer: cbdfx


Strength: 50mg

save 15% with code : c15


***Packing and appearance***

So the packing in this is pretty cool. Alot has gone in to it by cbdfx. The eye catching packing is great in my opinion. The pen itself is like one of the first disposable ecig designs. No buttons no chargers just take a puff an away you go being draw activated. It’s a simple design that produces a nice amount of vapour to give the user a smoking effect. Being only VG and natural terps it does not have all the nasty’s of smoking.


So being 50mg CBD I was not expecting to much of a hit from this. But it is quite punchy for 50mg. I’ve prob had 10 pulls on it and it’s not to bad for what itis. It’s a great little way of starting off with cbd and building up to dabbing or vaping on bigger mods. I must has my eyes do feel a little heavy. My kind it a little more chilled out and feeling clear headed is always a plus for me.


This being a sour diesel. I can say this is a sort of soft taste. Not a full representative of what you’d expect it to taste like due to the strain. Over all its a ok flavour. Can get away with vaping this anywhere. As it just smells like a ecig an not like you vaping on a bag of flowers

***Over all rating*** 8/10

So overall this is getting


5/10 Device ease of use

10/10 Effects

A great little pocket pen to get your fix when out and about or if you are just starting off and don’t want to go all out on a big vape mod. So if your new to vaping and cbd this could be the way for you to get started


Wymto – Dope goat – Canevolve UK

wymto e liquid

Talking about my Wymto review here. Got to give a huge thank you to the canevolve team for the huge pack that landed with all these extracts and vape juices in. Still gobsmacked by how much you sent over. Definitely my biggest delivery to date.

Strains: wymto (by Dope goat)

Strength: 250ml/ 10,000mg (ridiculous strong)

*** looks and smell***

Well the looks of this purple liquid is just that a dark purple 70/30 mix eliquid that is jam packed with cbd and it says on the bottle the 10,000mg cbd in 250ml of juice works out to around 40% cbd per 1ml of liquid vaped. Now that to me is some super strength liquid and that being said I don’t think your going to be needing a lot of it’s as strong as the bottle says. The smell on this is a fruity sweet liquid that does smell like vimto you get that sweet berry aroma that takes me back to cracking a can of vimto on the way to school.

*** flavours***

Flavour is a excellent combo of sweet succulent berry’s that just screams fruity goodness.

This tastes just like their wymto extract just in a eliquid form. Very nice indeed, you do get that kind of earthy isolate taste to it though but the sweet wymto over rides that and makes it a great tasty vape.


Well I have had a few goes with this now and vaping it at 15w the first time round I had around 10 pulls on it thinking I can’t feel anything. But then it did and I must say this is quite strong that much so that it gave me a little head ache. So this is one of them take it slow an see where you are at after a couple of puffs not like me and forget it’s a high cbd content. It’s so easy to keep vaping this as the flavours spot on and you forget that it’s a cbd liquid.


This is a great vape just remember low an slow and all will be ok. Don’t be like me an vape loads to start with. (Such a rookie) but this is a great juice an I can’t wait to try the others


Brain Mash E-Liquid – Canevolve UK

brain mash

Time to get your Brain Mash review on.First off a massive thanks to canevolve uk as always for the hook up. These guys have an extensive range on there website and at real good prices so do check them out.

With me not really being a lover of cbd e liquids this will be interesting as I have a few liquids to review.

Profile: brain mash e liquid (gorilla glue terps)

Strength: 3000mg CBD

*** packing***

So the packing on this one is great loving the eye catching design on this one. All the writing is clear to read and has some information on the box ie Bach date , expiration, vg/pg content and flavour profile.


Well hitting this with a 0.8 ohm coil at 12w I can say I do feel a little relaxed from it, I only had 5 pulls just to see how it goes as some liquids give me a headache. I can see this one having good effects and not got a headache as of yet. My eyes are feeling it and my body is more settled and the sofa is feeling good right now.

***Flavour ***

Flavour wise this is a doughnut profile with a strawberry twist. Myself when it comes to vape juices I’m all for fruity profiles I’ve been vaping 5 years and I just don’t get on with cake style flavour. This one to me is a dry vape it’s just how I find cake profiles. I’m more of a sweet fruit lover when it comes to e liquid. You do get that doughnut cakey profile with this one can’t say I taste much strawberry, but I’m just a fussy vaper.


Not liking the flavour profile myself as I love fruity vapes an not cake styles. This was always going to be a hard one to judge for me. Effects wise it works but flavour combo isn’t for me. If it was a fruity flavour profile I’d have give a better score. The 6/10 is purely for the effects an packing