classic #1- Legal weed

legal weed classic #1

This is the first time I’ve reviewed for the guys at @officiallegalweed so thank you for this Classic#1 strain it looks amazing

Strain: classic#1

** looks and smell***

Well as soon as I opened my package I was treated with some great branding and packaging. The guys at legal weed took there time with this for sure. My first impression on this classic #1 bud was it does not smell of much at all. That’s a first for me, smells like grass if any thing at all. The looks of the bud is pretty good nice well formed buds. With a tone of deep orange/brown shoots all over this bud. I mean like all over the place it looks fantastic like a old classic skunk look. Just not the smell that you would think goes with the look of it..


When it comes to the effects of this it does have a little bit of a chill to it, I would say this is a day time smoke as the effects are not to heavy. But it is a nice mellow feel to it. I feel itis a bit of a creeper as the long that time goes by the smoother the ride if that makes sense

***Flavour ***

Umm this one is a very strange one to explain, it has a slight floral kind of taste to it. In the background of it it is sort of sweet there is nothing that stands out on the flavour at all for me. Don’t get me wrong it’s not a bad taste to it just it’s not that flavour full at all.

***Conclusion*** 6.5/10

This is a great all day smoke if you are looking for that smooth ride. Not a heavy hitter but it does the job. Don’t let the lack of smell put you off this classic #1 though as it still works as intended to. Legal weed have done a great job with there brand an the freebies an grinder were a nice touch thanks guys

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