Super Lemon Haze extract – Mile Highs Finest

super lemon haze extract

I won 1g of super lemon haze extract from a competition I entered run by mile high, they sent me 0.5g instead of what was on offer in the comp, these mistakes happen at times and being in the UK I had to pay import tax on the half a gram so was a bit deflated on that.

But that’s life at times so no Biggie in my opinion as they were kind enough to pay the postage from the USA to UK so thank you to them for that.

strain : super lemon haze

Cbd content: 87%

Sourced from : Mile highs finest cbd

Manufacturer: mile highs finest cbd

***Looks and smell***

This is one clean looking shatter, I mean this thing is just glistening in the jar. It’s a very clean looking shatter very white to look at I mean bright white not like some of them offish whites. It’s very solid an snaps quite easily. The smell from this is not over powering at all. It’s got a lemony smell to it that is earthy yet zesty. Smell does remind me of a lemon haze bit more earthy than peppery like a lemon haze should be


Flavour is not to bad it’s got that lemony taste, not very strong flavour but sutle on the pallet. Very clean taste to it no chemical taste like some have. Over all a good taste but for me needs that little bit more lemon being a flavour chaser that I am.


Effects on this are ok, using a dynavap and only loading a small amount, I do feel relaxed an at ease with one’s self so I can’t complain. But I expect with a rig the effects to be even stronger. My body aches have vanished an this sofa is feeling quite good so it definitely does what I need it to. This is a great evening extract for me

***Conclusion*** 8/10

A very good example of what a clean looking shatter should be. Effects do the job at hand without a doubt just wish it was more Lemony. Great job an thank you for sending it to me guys